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38 years later

Music, Dance, and Making Memories

Experience Café Lilliput’s rich history and the timeless allure of Anjuna Beach. Join us for live music, vibrant events, and the kind of hospitality that has made us a beloved destination for over three decades.


Welcome to Café Lilliput: A Timeless Haven on Anjuna Beach

Step into a world where time seems to slow down and the waves whisper stories of the past. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, Café Lilliput has been an integral part of the vibrant tapestry of Anjuna Beach, Goa. What started as a humble beach shack has blossomed into a living legend, a testament to the spirit of adventure and the allure of the Goan coastline.

A Journey Through Time: 1980s and Beyond

In the heady days of the 1980s, when Goa was synonymous with freedom and exploration, Café Lilliput was born. A gathering place for wanderers, dreamers, and free spirits, our shack witnessed the birth of a global community drawn to the beach, the music, and the magic of Goa. With the sands beneath our feet and the sunsets as our backdrop, we’ve been a witness to history and a part of its unfolding.

Groove to the Rhythms: Music, DJ Vibes, and Dancefloor Delights

Our commitment to music is unwavering, and our playlist is as diverse as the crowd we welcome. From the hypnotic beats of techno to soul-soothing rhythms, and everything in between – we curate an eclectic lineup that speaks to every music lover’s heart. Whether you’re here to sway gently or dance like nobody’s watching, our tunes provide the soundtrack to your unforgettable nights.

Join Our Story

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler with stories of your own or a newcomer eager to experience the magic, Café Lilliput welcomes you. Come sit by the shore, let the ocean breeze carry your worries away, and relish in the warmth of community that has thrived here for decades. We’re not just a café – we’re a living tale, and we invite you to become a part of it.

Embracing Change, Preserving Essence

As Goa’s tourism landscape evolved, so did Café Lilliput. We’ve adapted to new trends, embraced sustainability, and continued to provide a space where people can unwind and experience the essence of Goa’s spirit. While we’ve modernized our offerings, our commitment to preserving the authenticity and charm of Café Lilliput remains unwavering.

Anjuna Beach, Monteiro vaddo, flea market road, Anjuna, Goa 403509

cafe lilliput
+91 96579 62708

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